Walkthrough & Pro Home Tour Videos

Snap2Close offers Real Estate Enhanced Walkthrough Videos, Pro Home Tour Videos and specialized videos. All use a 3 or 4-Axis Gimbel stabilizers. Below are samples and descriptions of these videos offered.

Walkthrough Videos

Snap2Close offers a Walkthrough Video using DJI cameras. These videos are professionally edited with Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effect professional video editing software. We also add motion graphics and professional music. We do our best to keep the length of the video to two minutes to three minutes, but larger homes can run a bit longer.

Premiere Pro is the perfect editing tool for real estate videos.

Pro Home Tour Videos

Our Pro Home Tour Videos can be ordered as a stand alone service, but can also be added to our Platinum Package at an additional fee. The differences between the Walkthrough Video and Pro Home Tour Video is that on a Home Tour Videos are captured using professional full-frame Canon and Sony Cameras, which bring in much more vibrant colors and clarity.

Additionally, we mount our full full frame cameras on either the Ronin M, Ronin S or Ronin SC professional 4-Axis Gimbel Stabilizers as shown below, These stabilizers do an amazing job of smoothing out the video as the photographer walks through the home.

Quality stablizers enhance the quality of real estate videos.

Pro Home Tour videos may use a variety of lenses for special movements and effects and create a more professional look. These videos are more expensive and take a lot more time to video and edit.

Pro Home Tour Videos can also include agent intros and outros at an additional cost. If you want to record a narration of the video, you are welcome to send us the audio clip and we will include it in our post production edits. Contact our office for more information about how this works.

Special Video Projects

Snap2Close also offers special video projects for our clients. Whether it be client interviews, corporate videos or background website videos like the one to the right.

Call us today to discuss your special video project needs.

Our rates for special video projects are billed at a $50 per hour rate.