Platinum Package Options

Thank you for ordering our Platinum Package. As Snap2Close has grown, we have added three optional Video and Matterport Tour features which you have the options to use. Any changes to the default settings described below must be received before the shoot date. You can choose your options on the form below. (Note: All links will open in a new tab on your browser. This will make it easier for you to quickly move from one tab to the other.)

Option 1: Videos

As of now, we offer you the choice of choosing an Architectural Rendered 3D Video Tour or a Floor Plan Guided Video Slideshow. We have linked both of these features.

If the home is vacant then we strongly suggest that you choose the Architectural Rendered 3D Video option as it includes furniture virtual staging. By default, if the home is vacant then we implement the Architectural Rendered 3D Video with virtual staging and use the Floor Guided Video Slideshow for the homes with furniture.

Option 2: Matterport's Property Layout Options

Another Platinum Option deals with the features of the Matterport 3D Tour. Matterport has recently added a “Property Layout” Report that includes room dimensions, including ceiling height (not applicable to vaulted ceilings) and the square footage of each room. These measurements appear in the Floor Plan view and the 3D Dollhouse View. (See samples at this link.)

Additionally, Matterport now offers these measurements in a downloadable floor plan image, and it can also be part of a downloadable PDF file which includes all of the room measurements in a table format. Upon request, these measurements can also be provided to you in a CSV data file.

While all of this information can be of great value, it can also be a bit confusing to viewers. The Snap2Close Platinum Package also includes a floor plan from CubiCasa (which includes fixed furniture and doors) and a floor plan from Zillow. Depending on the capture technology used, the measurements' accuracy can significantly vary. (You can learn more about accuracy on this webpage for spatial flow.)

By default, Snap2Close will hide the new “Property Layout'' features. Should you decide that you want these features turned on then please let us know. The process to activate and deactivate is very simple and can be accomplished by Customer Support or Quality Assurance.

Options 3: Matterport Plugin Options

We also have one more Matterport Option. For the past four years,Snap2Close has enhanced it’s Matterport 3D Tours by offering a software wrap that allowed homebuyers to view an increase image floor plan, a compass, background music, an easy option to view outside panorama photos, and a camera feature that allowed them to create their own still still images at various sizes and image quality. The branded version of the tour also included contact information and a logo.

Matterport has now upgraded their tours to include plugin options which feature an image floor plan, a compass on both the branded and unbranded versions, and a business card feature for the branded version. While our default option will be to continue to use our custom software wrap (1st tour on sample site) we will also allow you to use Matterport’s new portal features (2nd tour on sample site). Sample site showing both Matterport Tours.

Please use the form below to submit your preferences.