What is Twilight Photography

Twilight photography, also known as dusk photography, begins just before sunset and highlights the exterior features of your home or listing. It is meant to emphasize special features such as pools, lakes, landscape lighting, fire pits, mountain views, and sunsets just to name a few.

Why should you want Twilight Photography and what impact will it have on your listing?

These attention-grabbing dusk photos can elevate your listings, helping you to sell or rent them faster and for more money!

Twilight photography allows you to showcase your properties during the sunset, evening and night time. Most of the time potential buyers are looking at properties during the daylight and are unable to see what properties have to offer at night. With dusk photography, your buyers will see a whole other side to the home. property, and surroundings.

Good twilight photography vs bad twilight photography

When it’s done well, twilight photography can be tremendously helpful in selling your listing or getting your Air BnB or VRBO rented.

So, what do you need in order to get the most out of twilight photography?

  • A pool with working lights - A pool with working lights - A pool is not a requirement for twilight real estate photography but if you or your client have a pool, a working pool light is essential highly beneficial in ensuring you get the best photos possible.

  • Landscape lighting - Many homeowners have landscape lighting. Please ensure that the lights are working properly before your photographer arrives.

  • Mountain Views - At sunset the mountains can be beautiful! If you have mountain views these will be an added bonus to twilight photography!

  • Interior lighting - During twilight photography, we require that there are some interior lights on inside the home. This makes for a beautiful contrast between the warm lighting inside and the dusk colors that appear after sunset.

  • Good weather - This is key! If there is too much wind, the trees, and other landscaping will most likely turn out blurry.
  • Twilight Photography
  • 7533 N 70th St - 250
  • 7533 N 70th St - 236
  • 12300 East Parsons Peak - Twilight-07
  • 7533 N 70th St - 247
  • 7533 N 70th St - 245
  • 7857 West Molly Drive - 46
  • 8300 E Dixelata Dr Lot 206 - 090
  • 8300 E Dixelata Dr Lot 206 - 094
  • 8660 E Edgemont Ave - 065
  • 12300 East Parsons Peak - Twilight-07
7533 N 70th St - 250

Although having all of these special features is not necessary, we do ask that you at least have some lighting and one point of interest in your backyard. If you have any questions about our twilight real estate photography feel free to call our office!

What will your photographer capture?

Our photographers will begin shooting twilight photography just before the sun sets. They will make anywhere between 12-15 photos depending on the size of the home. They will capture the front and back of your home subject to available views.

What do we need from you?

Twilight photography requires that we use a long exposure to capture the sunset and early evening sky.

  • Motion or movements inside may spoil the photos and detract from the overall effects we seek to deliver. If homeowners, tenants, or pets are home during the twilight photography session, we strongly encourage that they remain in a room/area of the house that is not visible to the area where we are focused.

  • Please turn off indoor/outdoor televisions visible through the windows. This means we cannot have any movement inside or outside of the home while we are shooting. If you are home, please wait in an interior room until we are completely finished shooting. This will ensure that we get the shots we need. As you know, the sun sets quickly and we may be moving back and forth from the front of your home to the back. Please secure all pets so that they do not interfere with our photographers.

  • Sunshades: if the home has dark Sunshades on the exterior windows, this may diminish the effectiveness of twilight photos. If possible, please remove the Sunshades on the windows that will be the point of focus of twilight photography.

Virtual Twilight Photos

There may be many circumstances that prohibit capturing twilight photos, whether it be weather, non-working pool lights, or availability. For this reason we also offer our clients Virtual or artificial twilight images at $20 per image. See a sample below.