Aerial Drone Photographs and Videos

One of the main goals of any real estate agent is to increase inquiries, sell their listings faster, and receive full priced offers. Drone photos and videos are helping agents to gain a competitive edge over listings without aerial photos or videos.

Did you know?

According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) statistics reported by Real Estate Magazine, properties with aerial images are 68% more likely to sell than properties without aerial photography.

There are four main advantages to using aerial photography.

ONE—Aerial photography reduces days on the market by 32% on average.

TWO—Aerial photography results in a higher sales price, about 5.25% on average.

THREE—Aerial photography highlights property features, landmarks, and amenities that a regular ground level shot could never show.

FOUR—Aerial photographs create a higher perceived value of both the property and the Realtor.

Aerial photos and videos are some of the most effective marketing tools for real estate agents. They capture unique, high-altitude perspectives of properties in a way that no other image or video capture technology can. Drone photography and videos show your listing’s proximity to parks and topographic features such as mountains, valleys and lakes. Listings with a large amount of acreage, like a horse property, can strongly benefit from drone photos and videos as they can show the listing in ways that ground-based photos and video cannot properly show.

Another big plus for agents who use drone photos and/or video is that it shows that they are using cutting edge technology which is very appealing to sellers.

Why choose Snap2Close for your Drone photos and videos?

When evaluating which company to retain for your aerial drone photos and videos you should first look to see what type of drone equipment they are flying. Just as in DSLR cameras, the higher quality of the equipment translates directly to the higher quality and clarity of photos or video captured.

What sets Snap2Close apart from so many other services is the quality of drones we fly. Unlike most other services which use smaller and less stable DJI Mavic Drones, Snap2Close uses only the DJI Phantom 4 series of professional and ultra high quality drones which capture superior quality photos and 4k video.

Additionally the larger sized Phantom 4 Drones are able to fly more smoothly than the foldable, lighter and much smaller Mavic Drones, producing superior quality aerial drone videos.

Snap2Close Real Estate Drone Photography uses only DJI Phantom 4 drones.

Our sophisticated radio controlled quadcopters are specially equipped with industry exclusive hardware and high end 4K Ultra HD cameras needed to create exceptional drone videos every time. In addition to using the highest quality equipment, all of our experienced, FAA Certified Pilots are also professional photographers. You can expect the best quality from Snap2Close pilots and their Phantom 4 Pro+ Version 2.0 drones

photo effects of various dji drones

Phantom 4 Pro+ Version 2.0 drones allow us to capture beautiful high resolution aerial photography that can't be acquired with other aerial platforms. Full-time camera control, live camera view, GPS drone stabilization, and precise stabilized gimbals allow us to capture epic low-light imagery never thought possible on a flying platform. Real-time GPS on-screen displays allow us to frame up the perfect shot at the precise height and location you request.

Here are some sample drone videos.

This drone video was shot on a very windy day. Notice the stability of the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Drone

This drone video saw shot to highlight a 100 year old classic home nestled up to the San Marcos Golf Course in Gilbert.

This drone video also used some ground based video to show this large working horse ranch.

This drone video was shot on a very windy day. Notice the stability of the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Drone as we videoed this working horse property

This drone video was shot in the Arrowhead Lakes area.

Our client wanted to show the proximity of this shopping center to Leisure World and the traffic flow on the street.

Community Drone Photos and Videos

Snap2Close offers special community aerial drone photos and videos of communities. When ordering be sure to provide us with a very detailed list of what you want shot and the addresses or cross streets of each facility, park, school, etc.

The sample below is a community video shot for Verrado Community.