Snap2Closee is the creator of out detailed Interacive Floor Plan.

Interactive Floor Plans

Snap2Close has developed the most advanced interactive floor plan on the market and it has several advantages for real estate marketing. It allows homebuyers to quickly review the flow of a home with interactive photos and 360° images. We provide our clients with two separate versions of our Interactive Floor Plan. The first is focused on the actual floor plan and the other focuses on the photos. First let's clarify what a true Interactive Floor Plan is. It uses an easily understood basic floor plan with camera icons strategically placed in each room or area of the home. Each camera icon is positioned at the same angle on the floor plan that the photographer captured their photograph. When the homebuyer moves a mouse over the camera icon the exact photograph taken at that camera location automatically opens up. When the homebuyer moves the mouse over the next camera location, a new photo opens up. Every camera location shown on the floor plan is linked with a photo taken at that location.

The unique advantages are many, but here a few highlights.

Interactive Floor plans - The Bottom Line

  • Interactive floor plans ”draw a picture” and help simplify and present your floor plans in a way that’s easy to digest.

  • Because interactive means users must be involved, they can easily move through a property with the floor plan.

  • Interactive floor plans create a great looking, information-packed virtual tour of any property.

  • Boosting engagement is the goal for real estate agents. Interactive floor plans grab your homebuyers attention and hold it longer!

  • Interactive floor plan users will typically convert to active prospects at a higher rate (than those using static floor plans).

  • Today’s technology means that Interactive Floor Plans can be created more efficiently and affordably than ever before.

Two Interactive Platforms Options

Snap2Close offers two optional platforms for Interactive Floor Plan ordered. The first platform makes the floor plan the primary image. Secondary images are the camera icons pointed in the direction the camera was placed when the real estate photos were captured.

The second platform makes the professional real estate photos the primary image and a smaller movable floor plan floating above the images. The floor plan may be resized and have its transparency adjusted. It also allows the user to print a copy of the floor plan.

Both of these sample are embedded into this webpage. To view a full screen version then click the link below the interactive floor plan.