Editing Preferences: Light & Bright Versus Realistic

The success and failure of real estate photography is based upon the quality of the camera, the photographer and the editor. All of our photographers use professional Full Frame cameras and have been working as professional photographers and videographers long before joining Snap2Close

The subject that needs to be discussed is your preferred editing style. Historically, quality photo edits demanded realistic edits. That was pretty easy to do with 35 mm film. However, in the digital age and with the evolution of software like Photoshop, editing trends have begun to change to appease different customers. This is particularly true with real estate photography.

Today’s popular trend is to make the photos look light and bright, which eliminates much of the color cast that naturally exists. To prove my point, I want you to walk into a room that has 4 walls with the same color. Stand in the middle of the room and face one wall. Look at the top right, top middle, and top left. Then do the same thing to the middle section of the wall and then the bottom section. Next, do the same procedure by looking at each wall individually.

The reality is that the wall changes color as you move around. Why, because of different shadows, the placement of artificial light and natural light, and the color of your furniture. Light bounces and with it the various colors do as well.

If you want to be honest or should I say “realistic” then the editor will do little to change it. The photo is then real and honest and will match what a homebuyer sees when they walk in your front door.

However, there is a growing trend in real estate to wash out the color cast and make the room look light and bright. Many Realtors believe that those types of edits will draw more views or eyeballs to their listings on Realtor.com. Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

There is nothing wrong with this approach if that is what you prefer. That is why we provide you with two editing options. Light and Bright or Realistic. The choice is yours and you can make this option when you place your order.

Listed below are a couple of samples to help clarify the difference between the two. The images on the left are "Light & Bright" and on the right, "Realistic"

Light & Bright


Light & Bright

Realistic Style Edits: Delivery Times

Realistic photo editing is performed Monday through Friday. Any photo shoots using this style on a Saturday or Sunday will have their media delivered until Tuesday.