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Why Floor Plans are important for Real Estate Agents

We know that today homebuyers begin their journey online. They begin their search by entering targeted zip codes, price ranges, estimated square footage needs, and the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You, as a Realtor, have no control over that criteria. What you do have control of is how well your listing stands out when compared to the others which appear in the search results. The most important media criteria that homebuyers want to see are: property photos, floor plans and videos. Rightmove reports that click-through rates increase by a whopping 52% when a floor plan is added to a listing.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2019 shows that online presence is vitally important. Buyers think floor plans are very important, right behind photos and detailed property information. Below is a list of the top 5 items ranked by homebuyers as “Very Useful” (the highest choice possible):

  1. Property Photos

  2. Detailed Property Information

  3. Floor Plans

  4. Virtual Tours

  5. Recently Sold Home Data

You can see the complete report here: (page 57) NAR Home Buyers & Sellers Generational Trends Report.

Anecdotally, over 80% of those surveyed view floor plans as useful or very useful. However, it is not just the NAR survey report that claims the importance of floor plans. According to Zillow a floor plan is the second most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads.



So why are floor plans so useful?

Photos show how the seller lives in the home. A floor plan shows how the buyer could live in it! The best way to gather information about room layout, how rooms fit in relation to other rooms and how to understand the flow of the property is a floor plan. Even though photos are good visual assets, they don’t provide context; floor plans give structure to photos in a listing. In other words, floor plans reveal what photographs often do not: the proportions of rooms, the number of rooms and the traffic flow among them.

Make your listing memorable by adding floor plans

Most buyers view multiple properties in a day. The challenge for the real estate agent is to make their listing more memorable than others. Incorporating a floor plan into your online listing and printed brochure can help make your listing more memorable. Equipped with a floor plan, prospective buyers can more easily remember the home’s layout and the home itself. The little details help you sell a home, and floor plans are one of the most powerful “little details” you can use.

If buyers can see themselves in the home, then the chances of their falling in love with it is significantly greater. With a floor plan, a buyer can lay out each room with their own furniture and visualize what it would be like to live in the home.

The strongest selling point for using a floor plan is the added convenience it brings to the seller. If the seller lives in the home being sold, a floor plan can help reduce the number of times a seller must leave the home for a showing. Homebuyers can look at the floor plan and quickly decide whether or not that floor plan is what they are looking for. This is a real selling point for Realtors when working to obtain a new listing as well.

So why use Snap2Close to create a floor plan for your listing?

There are many options available for you to obtain a professional floor plan. You can often get an original floor plan from city hall, but those are typically copyrighted by the architect who designed the home and cannot be duplicated. Additionally, there is the time you must spend driving to city hall, finding the document, and the expense of having it converted to an usable image. Another option would be to hire Home Depot to create a floor plan for you. This requires making an appointment and being there during their visit. Some homeowners even take the time to measure the rooms and create a hand drawn floor plan to send to a company that will create a digital floor plan image for you.

Each of these options consume your valuable time. Each costs more than using Snap2Close to create your floor plan while doing on-site photography for your listing. To create floor plans, we have partnered with the largest floor plan creator in the world. They create over 40,000 professional floor plans a month. Additionally, since the CEO of FlexMLS is one of their largest investors, it gives us confidence that they provide one of best real estate floor plan solutions in the industry.

So how does the Snap2Close floor plan solution work?

We create floor plans using a revolutionary video capturing software that is designed to work especially with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) data collection system. Video imaging allows us to capture exact digital information of the interior of a home. This data is uploaded to an Artificial Intelligence System which extrapolates the data and creates a beautiful 2D digital floor plan. The floor plan is then reviewed and approved by a licensed Architect before being released. (Note: Surveys show that homebuyers strongly prefer 2D floor plans over 3D floor plans.)


Our Low Prices

Floor plans are now automatically included with our Gold and Platinum Packages. If you order our Silver Package, the additional cost begins at only $40.

The Bottom Line

Some real estate agents may see floor plans as not “necessary”. Technically, they are right. Floor plans aren’t “necessary”. But, then, neither are real estate photos – and you won’t see many listings without those! Buyers love floor plans. Floor plans help sell properties. And they will make your listing stand out from other property listings.

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