Matterport 3D tours for Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Nashville

Matterport: The Most Powerful 3D Digital Twin System for Real Estate



agents using Matterport win more listings



more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours



home shoppers would make an offer using only a 3D virtual tour



sell at a 9% higher sales price

Exploring the Revolutionary World of Matterport 3D Tours in Real Estate Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate marketing, Matterport has firmly established itself as the platinum standard for virtual tours. Boasting an impressive history of having digitized over 35 billion square feet of real estate space, Matterport's influence and reach within the industry show no signs of slowing down, continuing to expand with each passing year.

The Rise in Popularity of Matterport 3D Tours, Amplified by Snap2Close's Unique Approach

Snap2Close sets itself apart from other Matterport service providers by utilizing specialized software to elevate the appeal of our 3D tours. Since the beginning of April 2020, our virtual tours have watched by over 85,000 interested buyers, a testament to our success in outshining many of our competitors.

One notable success story involves the owners of a home in Scottsdale, Arizona, who managed to sell their property to an out-of-state buyer. This sale was largely facilitated by the comprehensive and immersive viewing experience offered by the Matterport 3D tour. The level of detail and quality of the tour played a pivotal role in the buyer's decision-making process, a fact that was echoed by their real estate agent.



Snap2Close's Matterport Property Tours

Unveiling the Unique Features of Matterport and Its Enhanced Software

Matterport 3D Tours are distinguished by their remarkable functionality, or as some might call it, Property Intelligence. These tours are renowned for several key features.

One of the standout features is the spatial understanding enabled by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies. This includes an updated floor plan view that provides dimensions of each room, ceiling heights included, at a glance. This feature grants users instant access to hundreds of measurements, with a manual measurement mode available for more detailed checks.

Furthermore, the software automatically outlines the property's layout, showcasing floor plans for each level and labeling rooms accordingly. This greatly enhances measurement capabilities and contributes to the creation of an Interactive Property Report. This report offers detailed analyses by room and floor, which can be seamlessly integrated into MLS listings and marketing materials, offering a comprehensive overview of the property.

(Note: To better understand the measurement accuracy of Matterport 3D Tours and other services then please review this webpage.)


Our enhancements don't stop there; we also incorporate background music and/or audio stories to enrich the viewing experience. Additionally, new plugins introduce further navigation and engagement tools. These include a floating floor plan and compass, as well as voiceover and music tracks, interactive image-based floor plans, and interactive elements such as Mattertags and room titles.

These collectively serve to elevate the real estate marketing experience, aiming not just to showcase properties but to educate and engage potential homebuyers in a meaningful way.

Click the tour on the right to view a sample. Depending on your browser you may need to click the speaker icon at the bottom of the tour to listen to the voiceover.

Elevating Imaging Quality and Functional Capabilities with Snap2Close

Snap2Close prides itself on employing the highest resolution cameras available, ensuring that our 3D tours offer superior image quality when compared to alternatives like those provided by Zillow. This guarantees that viewers can extract high-quality photos/images directly from the tour.

Our Matterport Scanning Cameras

Snap2Close offers Matterport 3D tours via three different camera systems which use their AI Cortex software to calculate dimensions via LiDAR (laser), infrared, and/or optical Photogrammetry algorithms. With billions of square feet scanned, Matterport has a truly unique advantage in this area. Each Matterport 3D Tour is optimized for your marketing particular needs.


Snap2Close's Matterport Pro 3 Camera

The Matterport Pro 3 LiDAR Camera was introduced in 2023. LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges. This camera has a range accuracy of +/- 20mili-meters at 10 meters and a depth resolution of 100,000 points per second or 1.5 million points per scan. Camera features are 134.2 mega pixels per scan with 5 exposures per HDR frame.

The Matterport Pro 3 LiDAR Camera is the perfect camera for capturing outdoor spaces. This video sample provides you with a quick video overview of its functionality.

To learn more about measurement accuracy in Matterport spaces the please read this article.

Snap2Close's Matterport Pro 250 Cameras

The Matterport Pro 250 camera has been the steady workhorse camera since 2017. It includes six infrared measuring sensors and three camera lenses capturing five bracket HDR photos.

Snap2Close's Ricoh Z1 Cameras for Matterport 3D Tours

The Ricoh Z1 Camera includes two 1 inch back-illuminated CMOS image senors. Each image is a bracketed HDR photo.

Standard Matterport 3D Tours and Digital Twins


Customer Satisfaction

Statistics show that 77% of homebuyers would like the ability to be able to take Virtual Reality House Tours before actually visiting prospective homes. Knowledge of exactly what you have to offer will increase clients’ confidence in their decision to come view the listing and add to the professionalism of your image. It also shows people you are on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. As a Realtor who uses professional Matterport True 3D Tours it also helps give an edge you need over competitors.

Listings with Matterport True 3D Tours also simplifies the shopping process of homebuyers that live too far away or are too busy to do tours in person. By pro-actively meeting these homebuyers needs, you're setting yourself up for success.

Smart agents now share their Matterport True 3D Tour links directly with others via email and social media. The tours can be seen by anyone on any device which increases your customer engagement and reach.

The Matterport 3D Tour Advantage

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a broker, or a property manager, Matterport’s 3D virtual tours can elevate your listings, reach a wider audience, and close on properties faster.

  • Matterport surveys indicate that 95% of buyers are more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours

  • 99% of sellers believe that a Matterport tour would give their listing a competitive edge

  • More immersive 3D tours have been scanned with Matterport than with any other solution

How Long Will Matterport 3D Tour Be Online?

Matterport 3D Tours remain online for either six months or less if the home is sold sooner. If you want to increase the hosting time it will cost $49 per year.

Matterport 3D Tour Package Options

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