Video Virtual Tours - Video Slideshows with Music & Graphics

It’s common to hear “video virtual tours” and “virtual tours” lumped together in the same category, as if they’re the same thing. Video virtual tours and real virtual tours, like Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, are worlds apart in what they offer.

A video virtual tour is a slideshow of 30 of your professional photographs with "Ken Burns-Effects" (also known as "pan-and-scan"), background music and motion graphics. Video virtual tours generate an emotional and entertaining viewing experience for the potential home buyers as well as giving the Realtor an excellent piece of media to help engage future clients. The advantage for Realtors is that video virtual tours are inexpensive at only $35.

Each virtual tour slideshow is produced twice - one unbranded for your custom unbranded property website and MLS and one branded for you to share on and social media.

Snap2Close provides utilizes a customizable form for your virtual tour video slideshow. This form allows us to create a video tile, your name, your company or brokerage name, phone number and email address. Our Quality Assurance Team will assume you want us to use the street address and your information. If you prefer something else then please contact them at

Note: This video slideshow is automatically included in our Platinum Package.

Branding Form


Branded Video Slideshow