Customer Support Video Tutorials

We have prepared the following short video tutorials to help you with the process of creating an account, scheduling a photo shoot and how to best use your account dashboard. Please click the link below next to the title to view the tutorials.


  1. The first step is to create an account. This is a one time process. After creating your account you will only need to login to schedule photo shoots. Click here to view the tutorial.

  2. How to schedule a photo shoot. Click here to view the tutorial


(Please click the links below.  Each video or PDF file will open in a new tab.  Once you have finished watching the tutorial then close the tab and you will be returned to this email.)

Click here to download our PDF Helpful Guide Book.



***Overview of Snap2Close Client Center -Watch this first.

  1. How to download your photos. -  2:51 Minutes

  2. Understanding your branded and unbranded virtual tour property websites. - 1:49 minutes

  3. How to rearrange or hide your photos for your virtual tour property websites.- 1:07 minutes

  4. How to choose a different banner for your property websites.-  56 seconds

  5. How to view and choose a different virtual tour property website template.-  2:27 minutes

  6. How to share your branded virtual tour property website on social media. -  2:24 minutes

  7. How to create and edit your property flyer. -  7:22 minutes

  8. How to send my photos to someone who will not need to log-in to my dashboard. - 1:24 minutes

  9. How to download my videos. -  2:29 minutes

  10. How to upload your photos, link your property website to the virtual tour link, and embed you walkthrough, home tour or drone videos to ARMLS.  -  3:53 minutes

  11. How to link your branded virtual tour property website and Matterport 3D Tour links directly to - 1:30 minutes

    Here is a direct link to’s help page.

  12. Understand the Property Website Analytics Tab - 5 minutes

  13. Click here if you need help unzipping a folder.

  14. Understanding how the MLS System works with Virtual Tour Links and Tour Property Websites - 9:28 minutes