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Frequently Ask Questions and Answers


Snap2Close only performs professional real estate photography services. Unlike many competitors, this is not a side business. We do not install signposts, hang lock boxes, photograph weddings or events, etc. We are 100% dedicated to Professional Real Estate Photography and only used highly trained and professional photographers, videographers, and FAA licensed (UAV) drone pilots.

Also, unlike most all of our competitors who use consumer or prosumer level cropped sensor cameras, Snap2Close uses only professional full frame cameras. The picture quality differences are substantially better on a professional full frame camera.

Our photos are processed via a proprietary advanced editing system and are delivered the next business day.

This is a simple answer.  Any day but trash day. Trash cans littering the street make it extremely difficult on our photographers.  It is not their job to move trash cans or other clutter from the exterior of the home. Note: Also, we do not photograph homes on Sundays.  Our crew of photographers needs at least one day off.

Snap2Close uses an online scheduling system.  On our website’s menu you will find “Schedule a Photo Shoot”.  Click the menu item and you will be presented with instructions on how to schedule your shoot.  You will first need to create an account which gives us your name and contact information. Once created, you will be asked to create a new project, which is our term for scheduling a photo shoot.

The slideshow below will show you the different steps you will need to complete to schedule your photo.


Every property is different and our goal is to provide you the best possible photos.  Unlike most of our competitors, we actually take our time and take as many photos as possible for each property.  A general rule is that it will take one hour of photography time per 1,000 square feet, thus a 2,500 square foot house would take approximately 2.5 hours.

Larger homes with big rooms go somewhat faster.  For example, an 8,000 ft home may only take 6 hours because the rooms are typically much larger.

It will take us another 10 to 15 minutes for our initial set up and repacking at the end of the shoot. If the Realtor or homeowner are present, we ask them to have all lights on, blinds adjusted and ceiling fans off before we arrive.  This will save our photographer additional time needed to prepare the home.

There’s no need for you to be there, but you are certainly invited to come and watch out our process. We think it’s pretty cool and you and your clients might be intrigued as well! Being at the listing would also give you an opportunity to ensure that the home is properly prepared for the photo shoot, as well as to show the photographer any specific shots you might have in mind. Otherwise, we’ll use our  professional judgment and will take the photographs that best market the property.

We pride ourselves on our advanced photo editing system and promise delivery on the next business day.

We will automatically send you an email notifying you that your photos and/or videos are ready on the next business day. The email will have a link to our the login web page on our website. Once logged in you will need to click the “View” icon for your active project. This will take you to your listing’s Project Dashboard. The Project Dashboard is very easy to understand and navigate. In addition, there is a “Support” section at the bottom of the web page with a video tutorial at the top of most sections. Here you can download both MLS resolution photos, high print resolution photos as well as videos. We will provide you with the MLS embed codes for videos in an email when your photos are ready, including detailed instructions on how to navigate your Dashboard.

Snap2Close Real Estate Photography Client Center

Snap2Close Real Estate Photography Project Layout

A lay person needs to know the color they see is affected by the different types of light in the room. The light it casts can change the appearance of the colors and warmth or coolness in a room. Think of the coolness of fluorescents or the warmth incandescents. This color cast of sunlight also affects the interiors when shooting. For example, on a sunny day the room will have a warm glow, however, it will have a blue cast from the sky (assuming it is a sunny day) and a rooms shaded by trees will have a green cast as the light passes through the leaves. If all the walls are painted the same soft white in the home, they may appear warm and buttery in one room, cool and blue in another, and soft and green in a third. The same paint color but three different colors that are experienced because of the different types of light affecting the rooms.

The most difficult job any photographer has when processing photos is trying to achieve equal color matching throughout a home. Through a software technique, we use white balance tools which do an amazing job, however color cast from different types of light bulbs (soft white, bright white, fluorescent, LED, etc.) throw off completely different colors. We do our best to color balance these tones by using white balance tools.

The basic answer is no if it is during the summer. Homes hold humidity and during the very hot summer months, we will not photograph homes without air conditioning. If the air conditioner is on the thermostat must be set at 80 degrees or less. Please understand that our photographers photograph several homes a day and do not want to be offensive for the next photo shoot with bad body odor caused heavy perspiration.

If you choose to use our photographic services in October through April, please let us know in advance that there is no electricity so that we make sure to bring special lighting for the shoot.

We rely on the agent and/or homeowner to stage and prepare the property prior to the photographer's arrival. Our photographers have an allotted amount of time on-site to photograph the property. They might have time to do small staging tasks like moving Kleenex boxes or soap from counters, but it is always appreciated when this is done ahead of time so the photographer has plenty of time to get all of the needed shots. Note: Our photographers do not make beds, replace light bulbs or declutter the home.

We have prepared a very detailed letter and checklist for Realtor's to provide to their client. You can access the PDF file by clicking here. Once open merely save the PDF file to you hard drive. You should then send it to homeowners for all of your future listings. (Note: A Microsoft Word version of this document is available to our clients. I you would like us to email it to you then please let us know.)

Here is a brief overview of our copyright and licensing agreement:

Our photography session includes a non-exclusive usage license granting rights only to Realtor's name (buyer of services). Images may be used on websites, blogs, social media, MLS and in print for the purpose of selling the property or renting the property.

Photographic images may also be used to promote the agent's services in the form of portfolio books, on corporate websites and printed brochures.

The images and license is not transferable to any third party. Additional licensing inquiries can be directed to Ownership and copyright of all images and videos is retained by Snap2Close. All Rights Reserved.

Here is a complete copy of our agreement:


These terms and conditions govern our agreement. The terms in initial capitals have the meanings assigned to them above. Your use of the Photographic Images signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

We agree to provide you with the Photographic Images. You agree that the Rights to use the Photographic Images have been granted only to you. You agree not to transfer, assign or sub license your Rights to use the Photographic Images, or the photographs contained therein, to anyone without our written permission.

When you receive the Photographic Images from us please check them to be sure they are acceptable. Any additional services requested after delivery of the Photographic Images will incur an additional fee. To avoid misunderstandings you agree to notify us in writing within five (5) business days of receipt of the Photographic Images if you believe they are not acceptable, in which case our sole obligation will be to replace the Photographic Images. In no event will we be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind. You agree that we will remain the owners of all the copyrights in the Photographic Images. ALL PHOTOGRAPHS and PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES ARE THE COPYRIGHT OF SNAP2CLOSE REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY. This agreement does not transfer copyright to you.

You agree we reserve all rights not granted to you by this agreement. If we discover that someone is infringing on our copyright you agree to cooperate with us to help us stop the infringement or collect damages.

Your Rights permit you post our photographs on multiple listing services and make the Photographic Images available in your MLS listing for the Property. However, your Rights do not permit third-parties to copy, display or distribute our photographs for the purpose of providing services competitive with our Photographic Images unless we give you our written permission.

If anyone asks you for any of your Rights to the Photographic Images, you agree to refer them to us. If we agree to allow others to use the Photographic Images an additional licensing fee may be required. We agree not to use the Photographic Images in a way that interferes with your Rights.

You authorize us to come onto the Property and take photographs. You have the authority to allow us entry and permit us to take photographs. You promise to indemnify us, defend us, and pay the expenses of our defense, if a claim is made against us arising out of the services we perform for you. We are an independent contractor and not your employee. You are not our agent and cannot make agreements for us.

Amenity shots at condominiums are included or counted as part of your selected photography package. These include photographs of the pool area, the gym facilities, and the clubhouse. However, we need you to make sure that we have access to these facilities by providing us the necessary keys, access cards or key fobs.

Yes, if it is requested at the time of booking. Large area neighborhood amenities or community photos take time to photograph. These would include parks or community pools, etc. Because of our limited time frame, we ask that you provide us with very detailed instructions about what you would like us to photograph. Ideally, the Realtor would be there to show our photographer what needs to be photographed.

The price for Neighborhood/Community photos is $99. (Note: If the listing has a community pool and park within 2 blocks then there is no additional fee.)

When you request a photo shoot for your listing through our online Client Center you will be asked which package best fits your needs. We also provide an a la carte menu to add on other services we offer such as Aerial Photography or Video Walkthroughs. Once you have selected your package and options you will then be presented with a credit card payment window. All payments must be made by credit card at the time the photo shoot is booked, There are no exceptions.

Any special fees such a late cancellations, etc. are electronically invoiced where payment can be quickly made by credit card.

We deliver your photos in both high resolution and low resolution jpegs. High resolution photos can be used for print and are sized to be 3,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels at 300 pixels per inch. Pre-sized MLS resolution photos are for uploading to your MLS, social media or other online outlets and are sized to be 1,500 pixels by1,000 pixels at 96 pixels per inch. All original RAW format images are kept for 30 days from the date they are processed.

Snap2Close covers the following cities, which are listed in alphabetical order.
Apache Junction
Cave Creek
El Mirage
Fountain Hills
Litchfield Park
New River
Paradise Valley
Queen Creek
Rio Verde
Sun City
Sun City West
Sun Lakes
San Tan Valley

Yes, we charge 25 cents per mile, which is less than half of the IRS allows for a mileage deductions. The Valley of the Sun is a very large area and this fee is used to reimburse our photographer’s wear and tear on their vehicle, gas and travel time.

Twilight photography shoots are a wonderful choice for highlighting your listing's details. The balance of outside light and the warm inviting glow of the both the exterior and interior adds beauty to the photographs. Because there is a great deal of planning and post processing there is an additional fee of $90 over the standard MLS prices.

We highly recommend twilight shoots if your listing does not have sun shade screens and has a beautiful yard with excellent landscape lighting. If you chose a twilight shoot then please make sure that ALL outside light bulbs are matching and landscape lighting is in working order. Also, if you have a pool, please make sure the pool light is working. It is the Realtor’s or homeowner’s responsibility to have these lights on at the time of the shoot.

We have a simple guarantee. If you don't like our photographs of your listing, contact us by email or phone to discuss your your issues before before you download them. We always use our best judgement on photo adustmments and you may want them to be brighter, etc. If you still don't like our reprocessed photos then we will ask you for an email stating that you will not use any of our photographs for your listing or any other purpose. Once we receive that email, we will gladly issue you a 100% refund and then we will both simply call it a day and continue on down the trail of a happy life. Refunds typically take 5 to 10 days to process through the credit card processing companies.

The simple answer is yes. However, you must complete ARMLS APPLICATION FORM FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT PERSONNEL ACCESS TO ARML. We have completed our side of this form so click here to download your copy. This form grants you the agent, or your entire office, permission for us to do this for you. This form must be signed by the MLS Participant or the Designated Broker for the office. Once this form is completed you will need to email it to ARMLS, which in turn will email Snap2Close an username and password to access your account.

You will also need to create an active listing since we cannot do that for you. Once the listing is active, we can login and access your account and perform this function for you. We have a nominal fee of $25 for this service and must be ordered a the same time you schedule your photo shoot.

Absolutely. We charge $25 dollars per hour for special Photoshop work. However, please remember that it is important to keep your photographs realistic!

It depends. Because information has to be “re-drawn” wherever the Photoshopping takes place, it is determined on a case by case basis. For instance, vehicles are extremely difficult to remove from photos, due to the amount of information that needs to be redrawn or painted in its place.

It should also be said that when it comes to MLS regulations, we are unable to fix any structural problems with the property. This includes removing telephone poles, power lines, or cell towers.

For portfolio images (not to appear on MLS), we can fix whatever you need us to since those images are not selling an individual property, but selling a service or brand. There is a $30 per hour fee for this type of additional work. This applies to VRBO and AirB&B properties as well.

If there is precipitation in the air (or we are in the midst of a dust storm), we leave it up to your discretion to reschedule. If you do not call or email us to reschedule the appointment, we assume we are still photographing the property listing's interior rooms. The $45 Inclement Weather Return Fee is only charged if you want us to come back at another scheduled time to shoot the exteriors. The fee covers the gas and time for the photographer to come back to your property.

Snap2Close does not shoot exterior photographs in the rain or during dust storms. The primary reason is that our professional cameras and special lenses are very expensive and we do not want to expose them to unnecessary moisture or dust. Secondly, our photographers take multiple time exposures for each shot and then blends the exposures together into one high quality high dynamic range (HDR) image. Blending moving raindrops or blowing dust can create blurred images.

There are numerous individuals and companies offering real estate photography services. A few are truly professional and deliver professional quality photos and videos. These companies shoot with quality full frame cameras, have highly trained photographers, and truly take there time to deliver top of the line photographic images and videos. Unfortunately, most offer a moderate level service using either consumer or prosumer level of equipment, utilize untrained or only slightly trained photographers, and seem to rush through a home or only offer a minimum number of photographs.

It is our opinion that a truly professional real estate photography service takes there time to carefully photograph every room in the house from multiple angles.
So how can you know if the real estate photography service is truly professional or is simply trying to pass themselves off as one. We believe the best place to start is by asking what specific camera equipment they are using. If it is not one of the camera models listed below then take the time to look it up on the Internet.

Full Frame Cameras Popular For Real Estate Photography
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (most recent model)
Nikon D850
Nikon D5
Nikon D750
Nikon D810
Nikon 850
Sony Alpha a7R III
Sony Alpha a9
Sony Alpha a7S II
Sony Alpha a7R II

It is also our opinion that you should be very cautious about using a service that does more that real estate photography. A good wedding or events photographer doesn’t necessarily have the right training or equipment for real estate photography. Also, a service that installs sign post, lock-boxes and does photography as a packaged for a low cost price is more than likely to use untrained photographers who use consumer level cameras.

The entire purpose of using professional real estate photography is to help you market your property. Listings with professional photos in comparison to amateur photos have nearly twice as many clicks or views on, Zillow, and Trulia.

A good professional real estate photography service knows that videos significantly help Realtor’s to market their listings. Research shows that real estate videos increase actual inquiries or visits to a listing by as much as 400%.

Phoenix Better Business Bureau
Real Estate Photographers of America & International
Professional  Photographes of America
Zillow Certified Photographers