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HDR Real Estate Photography

Professional HDR real estate photography was virtually born with the advent of the Internet and the creation of real estate websites such as, and in 1995. The introduction of digital SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses, in 2000, led to real estate photography slowly taking root for higher priced homes. Today, professional real estate photography is a necessity for all listings because homebuyers quickly skip over listings photographed by a cell phone or a point and shoot camera. These cameras are not all that bad, but they don't match the quality of professional photos taken with a full frame (large image sensor) DSLR camera. These DSLR cameras can shoot multiple exposures of the same photo and then convert the shots into a single, well-lit, and visually attractive picture. A professional real estate photographer uses the right cameras and lenses, knows the best angles when shooting photos and employs professional quality software editing tools to deliver superior quality photos. These will catch the eyes of a homebuyer when searching for their new home.

What is HDR Photography

Almost everyone has heard of HDR photography but few really know what it is. HDR (High Dynamic Range) involves shooting multiple photos with different exposures (bracketing). HDR in real estate photography is a technique used for both exterior and interior shots which turns photographs into vivid and clear images. While most of our competitors only shoot three shot brackets HDR, Snap2Close shoots 7 to 10 shot brackets. These extra brackets create more light variances which means we can produce higher quality photos. As can be seen in the sample below, ten different time exposures of the same shot brings out different dark and light segments in each time exposure. One exposure may have the best exposure of a window, while another may minimize the darkness of a shadow. Our software then combines all of the best exposures and that results in a superior photo!


These 10 brackets are then processed through a very unique and proprietary software program which selects optimal pixels for use or blending that produce an evenly lit and balanced photographic image.



FACT: Listings having professional photographs sell 50% faster and 39% closer to the asking price.

A study compared 350 listings using professional photography against 350 self listings in the same ZIP code. Those having used professional photography sold 50% faster and 39% closer to the original listing price than the homes without professional photos.

FACT: Listings with professional photographs get 61% more views.

The National Association of Realtors reports that listings using professional photography get 61% more views online. In fact, many buyers say they won't even consider visiting a home in person if the photos online are not of professional quality.


The advantages to a Realtor who uses a professional real estate photographer are simple: the results mean the more views the listing has, the more inquiries will be made, and more inquiries turn into faster sales and for more money.

How to choose the right real estate photographer?

Real estate photographers can be broken down into three basic categories:

A Level Photographers are experienced, highly trained, and own professional level, expensive full frame/sensor cameras such as the Canon Mark IV series, as well as special lenses used for real estate photography. Photographers in this class shoot interiors almost exclusively at 24 mm, which is a standard set by Architectural Digest decades ago.

B Level Photographers generally fall into a category of wannabes. They use less expensive prosumer level cameras with cropped sensors that simply cannot capture enough visual information to equal a full sensor (frame) professional camera, and they typically use inexpensive kit lenses that come with the camera. The quality of these photos is decent but lacking in clarity and photos are often distorted or stretched. Homebuyers are very disappointed after seeing stretched photos when they visit the listing and are not a sign of a good real estate photographer.

C Level Photographers are usually hired by companies that perform a variety of real estate services such as putting up sign posts, hanging lockboxes, as well as well as doing photography. Many of these companies hire unskilled people, give them a very inexpensive consumer level camera ($300 to $600) with a kit lens that come with these cameras, and one or two days of training. If you browse through, Zillow or other real estate websites you can easily spot them by the poor angles used, the quality of the photographic image and whether the walls are truly straight and not slanting in or out. Also, the image quality of the photos is much less than those taken by a Class A professional photographer. Class C images are often stretched and have very poor clarity.

Why choose an A Level Photographer: Your task as a Realtor is to market your client's home to the very best of your ability. Anything less is doing a disservice to your client. Even if your listing is a small condo, it most often represents your client's single biggest financial asset. It deserves the best professional photography!!

Examples of Levels A, B, and C photography. All photos captured off of which is owned by the National Association of Realtors.

A Level Real Estate Photography (Taken by Snap2Close)

B Level Real Estate Photography

C Level Real Estate Photography


The challenge for the Realtor is finding the right real estate photographer to help sell your listings faster and for more money.

Most successful Realtors use only A Level professional real estate photographers. Some of these photographers also shoot weddings, events, portraits, etc,. However, the true specialist focuses only on architectural and real estate photography. Snap2Close is one of these. The question for you is how to find the right real estate photography business.

We suggest you begin by looking on the Internet by searching for the term "Real Estate Photography". As you click on the different search result links, look at their websites and the photos they have taken. If you don't see at least 100 quality real photos of homes shot here in Arizona then there's a pretty good chance that they are not the company for you. Next, look at their customer reviews. If there are not at least 10 five star reviews on Google, then again they may not be the company for you. Finally, look at their prices. Pricing can be deceiving, e.g. the company may charge very high fees and simply may not want many clients. That is not necessarily bad, but if you are in a rush to get your listing online you may find yourself waiting to get on their schedule.

If you are mostly price driven then one of the B or C level photographers may marginally give you what you want. However, you will find that Snap2Close is very price competitive with these companies. As a matter of fact you may want to look at our price comparison webpage for a quick review of Phoenix area photographers. It shows not only their prices, but also what camera equipment we believe they use, and what you will get for your money. The webpage can be very enlightening. We also do not want you to have to wait for your photos so we will do everything we can to accommodate your deadline.

Why choose Snap2Close Real Estate Photography

Snap2Close is the leading and most innovative A Level real estate photography company in Arizona. We cover the entire NAME? valley with a team of professional photographers dedicated to quality real estate photography. We provide you not only with the highest quality real estate photos, but we also offer real estate videos, floor plans, interactive floor plans, drone photos and videos, and virtual staging for photos and videos. In addition, you will find Snap2Close prices to be extremely competitive and if you read our reviews on this website or on Google, then you will find only five star reviews with frequent comments about the quality of our photography, the professionalism of our photographers and our commitment to customer service.

Now for a little fun.

We have posted these three videos about why you should use professional photographers. The first is really clever and very funny. The second one is from one of our own Arizona Realtors and the third from Savannah, Georgia. These are not "must see" videos but I believe they add a nice bit of entertainment and information.


To schedule a photo shoot please click on the "Schedule a Photo Shoot" on our menu. The entire scheduling process only takes five or six minutes. First you will create a new account and then step through 5 screens to schedule your shoot.

The five screens: (1) Information about the location and size of your listing. (2) Select a photo shoot package (Silver, Gold or Platinum). (3) Select any add-on tasks you want, such as drone photography. (4) From the online calendar select a day and time you want for your photo shoot. (5) Enter your credit card information. It really is that easy!!

Note: Stripe merchant bank captures your credit card information and Snap2Close is only provided with a transaction number, the last four digits of your card, and the amount paid. Your information is very secure with Stripe.


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