Occupied Staging

While Snap2Close delivers beautiful real estate photos, videos and 3D Tours, how well the home is prepared prior to professional photography makes a tremendous difference when converting shoppers into interested buyers. In order to provide you with effective visual media we suggest that you consider “Occupied Staging”.

In reality, most owner-occupied homes can benefit from occupied staging before being photographed. Why? Homeowners don’t see their clutter because they are used to living with it. Clutter along with too much furniture and decor distracts buyers and hides valuable square footage and the home's most attractive features. Sometimes less is best!

The Benefits of Occupied Staging

What is Occupied Staging?

Occupied home staging is simply preparing your client’s home for the market and making it stand out amongst other listings — while they are still comfortably living in it.

Most often, seller’s homes need minor tweaking before listing while others need an action plan. A consultation with a professional stager will cover this. After all, staging an owner-occupied home allows buyers to connect with and understand the value in each room which translates into better offers.

The Consultation and Action Plan

While many realtors are reluctant to suggest to their clients that their homes may really need some sprucing up, Snap2Close takes that burden off of you. Our trained expert will provide a detailed assessment outlining an action plan for your client to complete in order to prepare their property for market.

Your client and our Occupied Staging professional will walk the property together approaching each area like a buyer would. She will explain her notes, suggestions and recommendations using a detailed staging checklist.

She will then prepare a proposal for staging the clients home based on the notes they took together as they walked the property taking into consideration the budget and time constraints.

If the client chooses to do the staging themselves, they will have all the comprehensive information they need to accomplish just that by the end of the consultation. This meeting will take 1-3 hours and may include suggestions on painting, removal of wallpaper, decluttering, adjusting furniture and decor placement, removal of various collections and furnishings, landscaping ideas, and more.

The Timeline

If the homeowner wants to move forward with the occupied staging process by working with our staging professional then the process begins with our stager creating a project timeline that everyone agrees with. First the homeowner will begin by cleaning, decluttering, packing up and storing away all the unnecessary items, furnishings and decor prior to staging day. The homeowner will also receive a suggested shopping list for items they may want to consider to add that extra "wow factor” prior to professional photographs and showings. Of course, this is purely optional.

On staging day the homeowner(s) and our staging professional will both roll up their sleeves together and stage the main areas of the home based upon the staging recommendations. The homeowner(s) will see HUGE transformations using what they already have to make the most of each space! Our occupied stager may also bring in a few staging accessories in order further accent the home for the media session only. As an added bonus we will provide our "Open House/Showing Checklist" to completely prepare the homeowner for each day the home is on the market.

The Bottom Line

Staged homes will always result in higher offers vs non-staged homes. By using our occupied staging services, we take away the burden of working with the homeowner in preparing the home for sale off your shoulders while you maintain a positive and productive relationship with them.

Coverage Areas

Currently, the Snap2Close Occupied Staging Services cover the geographical highlighted below on the map. We will expand this coverage area in the near future.

Please call 614-313-4000 for scheduling.

Occupied Staging Coverage Map