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Enhanced Matterport 3D Tours

It’s Time to Make Your Matterport 3D Tour to Outshine All Others

Reliable statistics show that Matterport 3D Tours accomplish three basic needs for you, the Realtor.

  1. They shorten the sales cycle

  2. Increase the sales price, and

  3. Increase the number of listings that an agent will get because they use the technology.

However, one frequently heard comment is that Matterport 3D Tours are boring for the casual looker and don't go far enough with providing useful information for the seriously looking homebuyer. Snap2Close has chosen to tackle this challenging problem with the creation of our Enhanced Matterport 3D Tours. Tours that entertain, educate and entice homebuyers.

Please take a peek at either the text overview of features for our Enhanced Matterport 3D Tours or for a more in-depth overview then please view our video overview.

Each of these has been added to the tour shown below.

  1. Voiceover track with background music. This can play once or loop every 5 to 10 minutes.

  2. Interactive image-based floor plan. We can use a schematic 2D floor plan as well. Watch the while circle move through the home's image-based floor plan. The floor plan can also be rotated. (upper-right corner of the screen)

  3. The Details Panel can include a logo. (upper-left corner of the screen)

  4. A quick and easy to use "View By Room" feature (upper-left corner of the screen)

  5. Mattertags list, search box, and links. We probably have too many in this sample but we want to show what is possible. (upper-left corner of the screen)

  6. Room titles and descriptions can be added for each room or scan position. (lower-left corner of the screen)

  7. Calibrated compass showing which direction the viewer is looking at. (lower-left corner of the screen)

  8. The ability to hide or show Mattertags (circles) as you tour the home.

  9. The ability to capture and download any view as a stand-alone image.

  10. The ability to mute the background music/voiceover. TOUR Each of these features has a place with Matterport 3D Tours when used for real estate. After all, the goal is to educate and entice homebuyers. We believe that our Enhanced Matterport 3D Tours do exactly that.


Sample Enhanced Matterport 3D Tour

Please take your time and truly explore the rich features our Matterport 3D Tours.


Original Plain (Unenhanced) Matterport 3D tour

The original Matterport 3D Tour is below.


Price Points for Enhanced Matterport 3D Tour

The base price of our Enhanced Matterport 3D Tours is an additional $40 over the basic Matterport 3D Tour price.

Our basic Enhanced Matterport 3D Tour features include:

  • Background music

  • Interactive image-based floor plan

  • View by Room tab

  • Room titles at the entry point of each room

  • Calibrated compass

  • The ability to hide or show Mattertags (relabeled to Tag Circles

  • The ability to capture and download any view as a stand alone image

  • The ability to mute the background music or voiceovers

Additional fees for voiceovers, interactive schematic floor plans (replacing the image-based floor plan), adding more than 20 Mattertags (Tag Circles) and other additions will be electronically invoiced at a rate of $35 per hour to accomplish the tasks.




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